Robert Mapplethorpe And The Iron Kings

4 Apr

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe 1969 005-robert-mapplethorpe 5c00bbf4-cf1e-4758-9128-5be8939b2ba9_g_273

All of these photos are from Robert Mapplethorpe. But I think Robert Mapplethorpe has a good place in my Iron new theme since his photos 1) show iron gun sometimes 2) deal with black body beauty which is something you can see in Iron Age representation of people in Assyria and South Mediterranean Kingdoms, Egypt, Babylon etc. the white body symbolizing women and colored body men.

5-PERCY 514MapplethorpeNudegun 5989 20081112_jaycornelious_1531 2011101700893_119886678

Now about the topic of flowers, I really like the shadow in most of the flower photos even the color orchidea is amazing with its strange beauty and when it is old by this muscular Afrian man it’s really creative and beautiful. Robert likes closed eyes models like this one above and like he explains in the movie I watched yesterday maybe because of his catholic education with a lot of clothed-eyes-saints paintings, I don’t know…

Movie: Arena – Robert Mapplethorpe (1988) here in Spanish:

Andy Warhol 1983 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989 Alan Lynes 1979 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989 artwork_images_957_586658_robert-mapplethorpe burroughs_maplethorpee.2007.2383_pd44_untitled_selfportrait_c.1972_300dpi_800HC2 il_fullxfull.340795537 image images IMG_0556large_h1000xw950 M2011_30_76_7-copy5 mapplethorpe (1) mapplethorpe mapplethorpe_jwa_2 mapplethorpe1 mapplethorpe-2 mapplethorpe-5 Mapplethorpe2003-1484KenMoody mapplethorpebody1 mapplethorpe-suesie-q MAPPLETHORPE-Tyrone mapplethorpevision13 march-2012-004 med_joelpeterwitkin-ritts-jpg med_mapplethorpe_pedestal-jpg med_numero_sida-3-jpgRobert Mapplethorpe - Self-Portrait, 1971 Robert_Mapplethorpe,_Maybelle,_1982 Robert_Mapplethorpe_178 robert_mapplethorpe_uffizi Robert_Mapplethorpe-JudyLinn1970 Robert-Mapplethorpe-15 robert-mapplethorpe-2008-0752-philipprioleau1982 robert-mapplethorpe-eros-and-order_MLA-F-134027519_4302 Robert-Mapplethorpe-Installation-View-at-Sean-Kelly robert-mapplethorpe-phillip-prioleau-1979 Robert-Mapplethorpe-Self-Portrait-1975 robert-mapplethorpe-selfportrait-1988 Robert-Mapplethorpe-senza-titolo robert-mapplethorpe-sofia-coppola-orchid-lisa-lyon Robert-Mapplethorpe-Thomas ruby 041 summer-2011-51 troj13s21o01 tumblr_l57q2jypaD1qag89po1_1280 tumblr_m5ziy0MGPk1qe31lco5_1280 tumblr_m9qlobWo6l1rw3fqbo1_1280

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